Australian small businesses struggling with carbon tax impact

A new survey published by News Ltd today (August 20) has revealed many Australian small businesses are struggling with the impact of rising electricity prices brought on by the carbon tax.

Out of 186 small firms surveyed by News Ltd, 50 per cent reported that they had been impacted by increases to the price of power bills and other supplies bought on by the carbon tax.

This appears to have had a negative impact on the popularity of the Julia Gillard government, with only seven per cent of respondents being reported as saying they would vote for Labor in the next election.

Just eight per cent of those surveyed, around 15 firms, said that they were in favour of the carbon tax.

These latest figures follow the a Fairfax sponsored poll which was released last month (July 30), that indicated that the number of Australian residents in opposition to the carbon tax was dropping.

At the time of that survey, which saw 1,400 people from across Australia questioned, 38 per cent of people responded that they felt they are worse off under the carbon price policy.

Posted by Charlie Moore