Australian gov't releases energy white paper

The Australian government yesterday (November 8) released a white paper on Australia's future policy on energy and the nations needs for energy, entitled Energy White Paper - Australia’s Energy Transformation.

Unveiled by the federal energy minister Martin Ferguson, the paper looks at how Australia's energy suppliers can accommodate a growing population and studies how electricity can be delivered efficiently and cleanly.

The paper analyzes four key areas which include better energy market outcomes for consumers, developing energy resources for Australia that particularly concern gas, perfecting Australia's clean power outcomes and strengthening the nation's energy policies.

Presenting the paper in Melbourne, Ferguson said that these reforms aren't a quick fix but look to reduce electricity prices over the long term to benefit families and businesses.

"To meet these challenges, the Australian Government is committed to open and transparent markets that allow competitive pricing, efficient resource allocation and innovation that deliver benefits to consumers and the nation," he said.

Those who are interested in reading the full paper and what it means for Australia's future energy needs, can visit the website:

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Posted by Charlie Moore