Australia to build on its energy information

As Australia's population continues to grow and put more pressure on essential services and infrastructure, Australia's Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is taking steps to make it easier to piece the puzzles of the nation's energy industry together.

Now it will build upon its annual Energy Accounts program through the release of monetary data integrated with physical data for the supply and use of energy in the country.

ABS director of environmental accounts, Mark Lound, commented that Australia's population is expected to reach 35.5 million by 2056, and that this new data could become a powerful tool in informing policy debate and development.

"By linking physical and monetary information in a common statistical framework, users can better understand the relationship between environmental pressures and economic benefits," said Mr Lound.

"Continuing to present this data annually will provide users with a stronger understanding of driving factors impacting on resource extraction, energy production, pricing and consumption in Australia."

The more data and information organisations, households and individuals have on the electricity network and on their energy use, the easier it will be to find solutions for high electricity prices and the like.

Posted by Charlie Moore