Australia sees fall in carbon emissions

Carbon emissions across Australia have fallen for a second year, as people seek to receive renewable energy from their electricity suppliers.

Figures from the federal government show that in the year to September 2011, greenhouse emissions dropped by approximately one per cent.

This change was largely led by the electricity sector, explained Clean Energy Council acting chief executive Kane Thornton.

He continued: "Electricity emissions dropped 3.2 per cent during this period.

"Hydroelectric power was up just over ten per cent due to the excellent rainfall in key hydro areas, while coal and gas generation both dropped."

The Clean Energy Council said this fall is significant because it came at a time when Australia was undergoing economic growth against the backdrop of the global financial crisis.

Furthermore, the cost of wind and solar power has fallen and will help provide protection against the rising cost of coal and gas, Mr Thornton added.

Following the announcement that funding for the Solar Flagships program had reopened, the Clean Energy Council said that it was crucial to showing the potential of large-scale solar in Australia.

Posted by Callum Fleming