Australia's electricity prices significantly higher than NZ, America, Canada

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Electricity prices are often subject to market forces and government regulations, but what does this mean for consumers?

According to new statistics from the Energy Users Association of Australia (EUAA), it means that Australians are paying more than the average electricity user in the European Union, 130 per cent more than Canadians and may experience further increases later this year due to the carbon tax.

The EUAA figures show that Australian household electricity rates are 70 per cent higher than the American average. That figure is set to more than double to 160 per cent in two years.

Speaking with the Daily Telegraph, EUAA executive director Roman Domanski said that a recent ministerial comment claiming that Australians pay less than the OECD average was made using old data and does not reflect today's situation.

"Add in the carbon tax from July, further network price increases and renewable energy subsidies and inevitably our prices are pushed to the point where they are challenging Denmark and Germany as the most expensive in the world," Mr Domanski told the publication.

Posted by Charlie Moore