Australia joins Climate and Clean Air Coalition

Businesses may be interested in the latest development concerning Australia and climate change action.

Climate change and energy efficiency minister Greg Combet announced Friday (September 28) that Australia has now joined the Climate and Clean Air Coalition.

"Australia is signing on with other nations, including the United States, who are supporting action to reduce these pollutants," the minister said.

Mr Combet also praised the Australian businesses who have already been working to reduce their own carbon emissions. 

"Innovative Australian businesses that are developing and deploying solutions domestically in response to our Clean Energy Future plan will have new growth opportunities as countries around the world intensify their efforts on these issues," the minister commented.

This may be an appropriate time for other businesses to consider ways that they could reduce their carbon footprint and it may also provide an opportunity for them to reduce their electricity prices by looking into more energy efficient forms of power generation.

The coalition is a partnership between the United States, Nigeria, Germany, Japan, the UK, France, Italy, Bangladesh, Columbia, Ghana, Mexico, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Israel, Jordan, the European Commission, the UN Environment Programme, and the World Bank.

Carbon emissions can also damage the populace's health, air quality, crops and ecosystems, Mr Combet added.

The collaborative effort is an example of how the economies around the globe are working together to tackle climate change, he concluded.

This program complements the efforts of individual countries to cut their carbon emissions and falls under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.