Australia has room for improvement in environmental stakes

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Developed nations are under more pressure than most to make sure they're doing their part to limit their environmental impact, but a recent report suggests Australia simply isn't doing enough.

The Climate Council argues that as the world's 18th largest emitter of CO2, Australia should be stepping up to the mark when it comes to reducing its carbon footprint.

However, this simply isn't happening at the moment, despite various targets being in place for the country to work towards.

Analysts explained that it's too early to see what the impact of abolishing the carbon tax will have on Australia's environmental impact, although early indications are not good.

During the 100 days after the carbon tax was repealed, figures show emissions from the National Electricity market increased by nearly four million tonnes from the same time last year.

There's also the fact the Renewable Energy Target (RET) is currently being debated, which could also lead to a rise in carbon emissions and potentially have an impact on electricity prices.

Australia has all the incentive it needs to encourage its energy efficiency. The Climate Council reveals how employment in the renewable sector has increased considerably over the past ten years, showing that its reach spans way beyond just the positive environmental impact.

Estimates from the Climate Council suggest that if the RET is maintained at its current level, it could lead to an additional $14.5 billion of investment, as well as create 18,400 new jobs over the next six years.

This study follows hot on the heels of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's Synthesis Report, which also argued that more needs to be done to limit the effects of CO2 emissions.

Study authors emphasised that not taking action could result in irreversible side-effects for people and ecosystems, so steps need to be followed to make sure this doesn't happen.

Posted by Jeremy Elliott