Aussie customers: Mobile data allowance essential

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Mobile phones are gradually being used more to access web content, a new report has found.

The study, conducted by comScore, found that smartphones - combined with tablets - accounted for more than five per cent of internet traffic coming from non-computer devices in five global markets, including Australia, as well as Japan, Singapore, the US and the UK.

Smartphones account for two-thirds of this type of traffic, with tablets making up much of the remainder.

The 2011 Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index found that in Australia, 67 per cent of mobile phone users now own a smartphone, and almost half of those have a data allowance of between one and three gigabytes as part of their mobile plan.

However, more than one in five users surveyed were dissatisfied with the cost of accessing data on their current plan, and only 13 per cent were taking up the option to purchase extra data.

As smartphones begin to occupy more of the market, new options have become available to consumers, making the opportunity to switch carriers more appealing for the best possible deal.

In this instance, consumers may benefit from contacting a price comparison service to find the best mobile plan for them.

Posted by Eve Gillespie