ASC : RET crucial to building a low carbon economy

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Households with an interest in solar power may want to keep track of developments concerning the Renewable Energy Target (RET) review details released released yesterday (October 4)

The RET has been a driving force behind 4 million Australians opting to invest in solar power panels for their residential and business roofs, according to the Australian Solar Council.
The scheme has encouraged residents all over the country to invest $20 billion into solar energy systems.  An additional flow on effect has been the creation of 20,000 jobs. 

The Australian Solar Council said: "There is no logical reason to tinker with or cut the RET. The cost of the small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme is falling dramatically and according to the REC Agents Association, will soon represent less than 1 per cent of electricity bills."

All these factors make maintaining the RET even more important, the council asserted.

The council has met with the Climate Change Authority, government, the opposition and the Greens and we have made it clear that the RET is crucial factor to building a strong low carbon economy, a council spokesman said.

The Climate Change Authority is due to release their discussion paper on the review later this month.

In addition to the review of RET, the Australian Solar Council is also going to be holding workshops to help residents understand how solar power can help then to reduce their electricity prices.

One of the workshops, Solar 2012 is due to take place in Melbourne on December 6 and 7.

Posted by Charlie Moore