Apple hints at iPhone 5 release

After months of rumours and speculation, all signs point to September 12 as the date that the new iPhone 5 will be officially revealed to the world.

A number of tech websites and journalists have reported receiving an email invitation to a press conference scheduled for that date. Furthermore, the e-invite contains a graphic which shows the number 12 casting a shadow that closely resembles the number 5.

The email also contains the text "It's almost here", which all but confirms that September 12 will be the day that we finally get official word of the iPhone 5.

While most of the technical specifications of this device are yet to be revealed, we can be pretty certain that it will feature a larger screen and a new dock connector.

Other possibilities include an improved version of voice assistant Siri and a better camera, but we will just have to wait and see.

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Posted by Eve Gillespie