App to benefit parents of young smartphone users

With a quickly expanding world of multimedia experiences available to anyone with a mobile phone, issues of access become more pertinent to parents' of young phone users.

The relative affordability of smartphones available through the best mobile plans means that even tweens can have access to a multitude of websites anytime they have their phone with them.

Parental control has long been a standard for cable and digital television suppliers, allowing adults to place restrictions on channels with pin codes, and now Vodafone are rolling out their own system to help parents have a say in how their children use Android smartphones.

Vodafone Guardian aims to cut down on digital bullying by allowing certain contacts or numbers to be blocked for calls or text messages and providing storage for questionable text messages which can be used as evidence of bullying or abuse if necessary.

Restrictions can also be placed on outgoing calls and messages so that only specified contacts may be used - for example Mum or Dad - and parents can choose when and what their child does with the smartphone, including camera, web and calling functions.

Posted by Eve Gillespie