App allows free SMS and calls between smartphones

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While researching the best phone plan for smartphones you may like to consider apps which can reduce the amount of your monthly bill.

Being able to download extra functionality may affect the amount you pay for a range of user services including calls, texting and multimedia, and could alter your contract requirements.

A popular Japanese app which provides smartphone users with free calls and messaging capability has recently hit the 20 million download mark and developers are hoping to reach 100 million this year.

According to a statement released today, developers NHN Japan announced that the app - called LINE - has beaten other social networking services in the number of downloads it has received since its launch eight months ago.

Comparatively, Facebook took 28 months to achieve 20 million downloads, and Twitter had a similar amount after 26 months.

NHN Japan plan to continue developing their service, to increase user-friendliness and hopefully boost the number of users by over half in 2012.

LINE is currently a top-ranking app in Asian countries and parts of the Middle East, but is available world-wide. This year NHN Japan will extend its overseas marketing campaign to target potential users in other countries.

Posted by Eve Gillespie