Apartments cost more to run than homes

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Electricity prices for apartments run at a higher average annual value compared to homes, according to the Sydney City Council.

They also output more emissions compared to the average home - both issues being related to the nature of the structure and inherent energy inefficiency.

Sydney mayor Clover Moore says: "Statistics show a person living in an apartment on average accounts for twice the energy-related emissions of someone living in a house."

"This is due to common area services and amenities such as hot water, heating and cooling systems, lighting, car parks, pools and gyms," she asserts.

Environmentally-conscious individuals may want to contemplate a shift away from apartment living, unless their building management chooses to implement an energy efficiency strategy.

Stand-alone dwellings have the advantage of occupants being able to control the energy usage within the home.

Apartments however, are bound by their very nature to constant energy usage as one behavioural pattern is unlikely to suit all occupants.

Gas and electricity prices are a growing concern for many in large cities - particularly those with high costs of living.

Major metropolitan cities often afford the convenience of central apartment living, however the City of Sydney Council believes that more can be done to reduce the carbon emissions from such structures - as seen in its recent decision to offer a select number of energy audits for complexes.

Posted by Charlie Moore