Anti-social behaviour increases electricity bills in the home

Electricity usage stems directly from personal behaviour, meaning it is your actions that directly influence how much energy is used in the home.

Those who watch television inevitably consume electricity for that activity, just as those who like to run air conditioners in the summer can account for their consumption.

It can help to look beyond individual usage and examine the behaviours of all members of the house as simple things can have a huge cumulative effect on a household electricity bill.

For instance, if everyone in the house likes to watch different television shows, this increases the chances of multiple televisions being used in different rooms at the same time.

Households that have a number of people in their own rooms on computers can also an impact on their bill.

Other examples can be two people separately doing small loads of washing and drying, when a large load could complete the job for both.

The solution is to find activities that can be shared and as a result reduce the burden of electricity prices.

Shared household chores and group TV nights can be simple ways of bringing people together and reducing overall consumption, along with fun novelties such as candle-lit dinners and game nights.