Anglican Church Grammar School latest to be hit by rising power prices

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As the federal and state governments continue to argue over who is to blame for the rising cost of electricity, it seems Australians may be the ones feeling the pinch.

According to an article published by News Limited today (August 10), the Anglican Church Grammar School (ACGS) has been impacted by an increase in electricity prices of 30 per cent during the month of July.

That is despite claims from the school that it is working hard to become energy efficient through initiatives such as external louvres and power factor connection mechanisms.

"Given what we have done it's a bit disappointing," headmaster Jonathan Hensman was quoted as saying.

Australians who feel like they have been unfairly affected by the carbon tax might consider undergoing an electricity comparison test to evaluate their electricity supplier options.

Shopping around for the best deal is often an excellent option in reducing monthly utility bills and combating the rising price of electricity.

The ACGS, founded in 1912, is an all-boys school located in east Brisbane where it is colloquially known as 'Churchie'.

Posted by Charlie Moore