AGL annual report reveals issues regarding electricity price increases

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Energy company AGL has released its annual report which details the number of customers which are having issues with paying their bills.

Whilst the number of customers on their national hardship program - Staying Connected - has dropped, the average level of debt has increased.

According to the report: "At the end of the financial year, 8,652 customers were on the Staying Connected program, a decrease of 16.3 per cent compared to the preceding year."

The average level of energy debt accumulated by those taking part in Staying Connected increased 20 per cent from $1,382 in the 2010 financial year, to $1,658 in 2011.

AGL claims that the rise in average debt may be due to a number of program participants having successfully paid off their debt.

Many low income households still struggle with electricity prices due to rises in recent years.
As stated in the report: "Energy prices are increasing, predominantly due to upgrades of distribution network infrastructure.

"While price increases affect all of AGL's customers, low-income consumers are likely to be affected disproportionately."

Further developments in the energy distribution sector may also occur in the wake of the government's carbon tax scheme which is likely to affect the nation's infrastructure. 

Posted by Charlie Moore