AGL advises of refurbishment to West Kiewa Power Station

One of Australia's biggest electricity suppliers has announced that a major refurbishment of the West Kiewa Power Station has taken place, starting yesterday (March 26) and running through until July 30.

AGL has explained that new turbine fans and main inlet valves will be installed, demonstrating the company's dedication to renewable energies, which are produced at the Kiewa Hydro-electric Scheme.

The energy supplier has warned there will be changes to the Kiewa River flows, including the return to natural flows of the West Kiewa River, which runs past the spillway at Mount Beauty Caravan Park; increased flows to the East Kiewa River through diversions at the Junction Dam; and additional flows from rainfall spilling over the Clover Dam.

Increased river levels at the end of Rock Pool Road in Mount Beauty may be noticed by tourists and residents in the area who are hiking, horse riding or four-wheel driving, AGL explained, and advised that all recreational users of the crossing be safe and be mindful of river flows.

"AGL's intention is to maintain water in the Mt Beauty Regulating Pondage (the lake in Mt Beauty), however at some stage it will be necessary to empty the pondage to carry out maintenance works in the power station tailrace and on the Pondage's outlet gate," the company explained.

"AGL will advise scheduled dates for these activities in the coming weeks."

Posted by Charlie Moore