AER releases state of the market report

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has found that investment poles and wires infrastructure  has been the biggest stimulator of electricity prices in the past five years.

A third of power bills can be attributed to wholesale prices, while 50 per cent can be traced back to network costs.

The AER's State of the Energy Market report found that factors driving network charges were unavoidable, with the regulator's chairman, Andrew Reeves, saying electricity companies would find it hard to justify certain cost pressures which are inflating customer invoices.

He commented: "The recent overhaul of the rules for setting network charges means that future network price reviews will ensure energy users pay no more than necessary for an efficient and reliable energy supply.

"The most significant driver of energy bills has been rising costs for using electricity and gas networks, which make up almost half of a typical bill."

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Posted by Charlie Moore