AER develops consumer focused panel

The Australian Energy Regulator (AEG) is forming a Consumer Challenge Panel as part of the government's Council of Australian Governments energy reform agenda.

Experts will be appointed to ensure that advice is provided to the AER on network businesses' capital determinations.

The role of the panel is to put forward consumes' concerns regarding issues such as electricity prices are heard as part of their decision making process for energy network revenue determinations.

The panel will also have to engage with the AER's Customer Consultative Group and other interested parties to identify areas of concern and provide a focus on consumers to ensure that their needs are being heard.

This panel, the AER said, will be consumer focused in its approach to energy issues.

The regulator explained: "Establishing the panel will provide enhanced consumer input into some of the more complex, technical issues that are considered during network revenue determinations.

"The panel's views will also be helpful in assessing how well network businesses have engaged with their customers in developing their revenue proposals."

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Posted by Charlie Moore