AEMC report suggests reforms affecting electricity suppliers

Even though electricity suppliers can exert some amount of control over the market, there are still government and independent watchdogs keeping an eye on the systems and processes which affect all players in the cycle.

Reviews may result in reforms, which can mean greater efficiency for suppliers, reduced costs in general and more market-appropriate electricity prices for residential and commercial energy customers.

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) recently issued a directions paper which has highlighted some potential areas for overhaul.

Power Of Choice - Giving Consumers Options In The Way They Use Electricity was released on Saturday (March 24) and identified ways that consumers can alter how they use electricity in order to cut costs and increase efficiency.

Encouraging electricity customers to reduce overall energy use and alter peak demand times were suggested in the report, as well as the employment of 'embedded generation' - small-scale power sources close to premises.

Now that the report is in the public forum, the next stage will be the investigation of the problem areas raised and assessment of options for possible reform.

Posted by Charlie Moore