AEMC report emphasises need for energy efficiency during peak hours

A new draft report from the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has proposed changes to the electricity market supply chain as well as more education and incentives for Australian households in order to cut down on energy usage during peak hours.

The proposal suggests establishing different electricity tariffs for different times of day, as well as in different locations, in order to encourage and reward better energy efficient behaviour through varied electricity prices.

If the proposals were to be made official, large energy consumers would also be given access to the wholesale electricity market for the first time, and would therefore also be rewarded for reducing demand during peak hours.

"This package of proposed reforms aims to support responses to evolving market, technology and consumer interest over the next 20 years," said AEMC chairman John Pierce.

The report also puts forward plans to allow consumers more access to consumption data, as well as additional education measures, in order to allow them to make better choices and be better informed about the benefits of energy efficiency.

"Consumers are in the best position to decide what is right for them ... our proposals provide consumers with tools to choose what actions are best," said Mr Pierce.

Another proposal included in the submission would provide new ways for consumers to sell energy generated through on-site generation, such as rooftop solar panels, to parties other than their retail electricity supplier.

The AEMC is now calling for submissions on the draft report, with a final report scheduled to be released in November.

Posted by Charlie Moore