Adelaide councils opt for energy efficiency

Due to rising electricity prices, a number of Adelaide councils have come up with measures to combat excessive bills.

News Limited reports that some jurisdictions are looking into the possibility of hiring energy consultants, installing solar panels and using heat reflective paints in a bid to reduce their running costs.

A spokesperson for the Norwood, Payneham & St Peters region said they were considering solar panels for their council-operated car parks and nature reserves in a bid to reduce costs.

She told Adelaide Now that an energy consultant can identify what buildings use the greatest amount of power.

There's no doubt that businesses and homes all across the country are using more power of late due to soaring temperatures, so it's important to think of how to remain cool and keep consumption down.

Offices should remember that an air-conditioning unit will exponentially increase its power consumption for every degree the thermostat is set below 24 degrees. Additionally, make sure the doors to your offices are kept shut after people walk through so as to trap the cool air inside.

Another tip for businesses when trying to reduce power is to turn off lights and computers that aren't being utilised as they pointlessly extract cash from a company's bottom line.

Posted by Charlie Moore