ACT's solar objective

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Electricity suppliers in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) may soon be able to offer more solar energy packages, as Canberrra furthers its cause to become the country's solar capital and adds to the current clean energy push in the region.

A recent government briefing to discuss plans for a solar auction has yielded positive results, according to minister for environment and sustainable development Simon Corbell.

"I am excited to see that solar industry representatives from right around Australia are showing strong interest in the ACT Labor government's plans to create Canberra as a leader in the use of renewable energy technologies," he said.

Bids for the auction are to be completed and submitted by April and will become part of a scheme which aims to meet emissions reduction targets and boost the clean energy economy in the territory.

The solar auction looks to aid the development of up to 40 megawatts of generation capacity in the region and along with community energy grants and rebate schemes forms a large part of the ACT's wider strategy for employing and developing cleaner energy sources.

Posted by Charlie Moore