Acquisition 'not likely' to affect gas price trend

The proposed acquisition of Bow Energy by Arrow Energy Holdings has been given the green light by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, stating it is unlikely to lead to a rise in gas prices.

According to commission chairman Rod Sims, concerns had been raised by domestic gas consumers that planned liquefied natural gas (LNG) developments at Gladstone - as well as decreased competition in the national market - could result in higher gas prices.

But Sims said the ACCC has concluded that this would likely not be the case as the result of Arrow Energy Holdings' acquisition.

"The ACCC determined that the broader structural impact of the planned LNG developments on the price of gas in southern Queensland and eastern Australia was likely to continue with or without Arrow's proposed acquisition of Bow Energy," he said.

Instead, wholesale gas prices are increasingly becoming based on international benchmarks, he said.

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Posted by Callum Fleming