ACMA report suggests changes to telecommunications regulations

Before you buy your next mobile phone, you may be interested to hear about the latest changes concerning telecommunications in Australia.

Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) chairman and chief executive Chris Chapman announced the alterations to the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code on September 5 at the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) conference in Sydney.

The modifications have been outlined in the Reconnecting the Customer report.

Mr Chapman said the aim of the report is  to provide a set of safeguards for Australia’s telecommunications consumers.

"It represents the delivery of what I consider to be a world leading reform package for Australian telecommunications consumers," he said.

One major change will impact  how mobile phone plans are advertised on television, Mr Chapman added.
"The inquiry proposed that all providers should clearly disclose pricing information in their advertisements so that consumers can compare plans. Advertisements should no longer use words that could be confusing. "

Another aspect of the inquiry aims to make comparing phone plan charges easier for customers.

One of the findings highlighted that many customers found it difficult to compare the quality of a plan before they chose one.

"This situation created a ‘race to the bottom’ leaving many customers disappointed by the quality of customer care they receive after they have purchased their plan, which they’ve usually only cottoned on to when they have a problem," he said.

Taking the time to carefully compare phone plans may be something many Australians wish to do before investing in a mobile phone.  

Posted by Eve Gillespie