ACCC warns against door-to-door energy sales tactics

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) have issued a public warning to households over the door-to-door sales practices of energy retailers.

Chairman Rod Sims says: "The ACCC is concerned that misleading or deceptive conduct by door-to-door marketers targets vulnerable consumers, such as the elderly and those with a limited understanding of English."

A number of complaints have been received by the consumer watchdog, leading to the public statement.

"The ACCC is now warning industry that misleading consumers about retail energy products will attract severe penalties," Sims asserts.

It is feared that some customers may have been misinformed about details concerning energy products, including electricity prices.

Under Australian Consumer Law, companies can face penalties of up to $1.1 million for non-compliance with regulations.

The ACCC, along with the Australian Energy Regulator, has written to energy retailers to remind them of their compliance obligations.

Customers who are struggling with the cost of energy in the home could do well to contact a switching service.

This impartial third party will be able to canvass the rates for electricity and gas available in a specific region and determine whether or not a more competitive rate is available.