ACCC: Electricity suppliers breached Australian consumer law

Many householders may find that when door-to-door salespeople come knocking, situations can easily become awkward.

For those who do not feel that they are able to assert their rights during a sales-heavy exchange, it can be difficult to extract oneself from an unsolicited conversation.

However, electricity suppliers and other energy companies may be keeping a closer eye on sales and marketing strategies in light of recent events involving deceptive tactics and door-to-door representatives.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has alleged that energy providers AGL and Alinta - and their associated marketing companies - have been operating in breach of consumer law.

The ACCC claims that marketers from both companies refused to leave properties when requested, and represented themselves dishonestly by failing to let residents know that they were on site to sell an electricity contract.

A spokesperson from Anlita stated: "Alinta regrets the behaviour of the marketing company and is very concerned about the nature of the complaints giving rise to these proceedings."

However AGL South Australia has not confirmed whether the claims against them are true, with a spokesperson asserting: "We take these issues very seriously and will address the statement of claim in due course."

Posted by Charlie Moore