ABS: Residents using 25 per cent more electricity

Households may be interested in the latest results from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released yesterday (September 26), revealing there has been a rise in the use of electricity and gas in the last decade.

Figures in the September Australian Social Trends report show Australians are using 25 per cent more electricity and 22 per cent more gas than they were 10 years ago.

The Social Trends data helps to create a picture of Australian society using information about current and on-going social concerns.

In response to the findings, ABS social and progress reporting director Sue Taylor said: "Households generally account for a quarter of Australia's overall energy consumption, with industry responsible for the remainder."

The statistics pinpointed that the most common energy sources used by households was petrol, electricity and natural gas, Ms Taylor said.

It appears that the cost and energy star rating of appliances is a top priority for Australians when they are buying appliances. 

This may be a fitting time to reassess your electricity prices at home and see whether there is any way you may able to use power more efficiently.

Posted by Charlie Moore