A fair price for renewable energy

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Australian households that generate all or some of the electricity they use from renewable sources should be entitled to a fair price, according to the chief executive of the Australian Solar Energy Society (AuSES).

John Grimes remarked that as several weeks have now passed since the NSW Government Solar Summit was held in Newcastle, it is time to see a clear policy on solar prices.

"Installers across the state are putting customers interested in reducing their family power bills and helping the environment on hold because there is no policy," he said.

NSW residents should be able to reduce their power bills - and help the environment at the same time - by generating their own energy and it should be financially viable to do so, Grimes added.

Peak industry bodies have determined that a minimum one-to-one fair price to solar is the best model and Grimes explained that policy is now needed to make this "fair" figure official.

Even if your household doesn't generate solar energy, switching electricity suppliers can be an excellent way of saving money on your bills.

An electricity price comparison service can be the best way for you to see the best available rates in your area - simply have a recent bill and the name of your current provider on hand when you get in touch.