75 per cent of businesses pursuing greater energy efficiency

Many Australian businesses are looking to improve energy efficiency in order to combat rising electricity prices, a new report from Australian Industry Group has confirmed.

The survey titled Energy Shock: pressure mounts for efficiency action, released July 13, saw 300 businesses across Australia questioned about their current energy usage policies.

The results found that rising prices were a motivation for many businesses to seek out energy efficient options, with 75 per cent of respondents having taken action over the past three years to reduce electricity usage.

Changing staff practices to encourage greater energy efficiency was the most popular option, while a high number of those surveyed also said that they had looked to identify the major areas of energy use in the business.

The survey also found that 11 per cent of businesses were looking to reduce the reliance on electricity suppliers by generating their own energy on site.

Understandably, these tended to be large organisations who could afford the significant investment required to establish such a system. 

Results of the survey indicated that a better understanding of the factors motivating businesses to pursue energy efficiency would be required in order to greater encourage reductions in electricity usage.

"For many businesses being impacted by rising energy prices, the intensity of other even more urgent costs and pressures - particularly for those businesses on the wrong side of the mining boom - can make it hard to devote time and capital to energy issues," said Australian Industry Group chief executive Innes Willox.

"To help address this, and to improve the uptake of the many government policies to support efficiency, all levels of government need to better engage industry in the development, roll-out and evaluation of efficiency policies."

Posted by Charlie Moore