6-star homes save money on energy bills

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The Sustainable Energy Association of Australia (SEA) has released a report detailing the saving to be experienced by building a home with a 6-star energy rating.

According to the report: " With rising energy and water costs, the affordability equation now needs to include the living costs that you will experience over the life of your new home."

The report outlines ways in which consumers can ensure they build efficiency into the very foundation of a new home, allowing them to save money on electricity prices over time.

It cites the advantages of achieving the rating as increased comfort - cooler in summer and warmer in winter - and a number of energy savings.

Household budget savings could amount to $90 per year, based on savings made in both electricity and gas consumption.

Homes that have put measures in place to gain the rating can see a saving of 274 kilowatt hours over the course of a year along with 1,090 megajoules of gas.

These savings have been based on a 17 per cent reduction in energy used for lighting a household and a total of 22.3 per cent reduction in overall energy load required for operating the average home.

Posted by Charlie Moore