5 ways to make your morning more energy efficient

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First thing in the morning, it's unlikely that your attention will be turned to how energy efficient your behaviour is.

After all, you're focusing on getting yourself ready for work and the kids off to school, so chances are you're not thinking too carefully about your electricity bills.

Some simple changes to your routine could see your behaviour benefit the environment - and your bank balance will thank you for it too!

1. Spend less time in the shower

A three-minute shower is all you really need to feel clean and ready to face the day. Not only does a longer shower eat more time out of your morning, but it'll also be reflected in your bills.

Think about installing a timer so you don't overrun, or have someone keep track of how long you've been soaking for.

2. Only boil as much water as you need

Reaching for the kettle is something many people do when they first wake up, not least for that first hit of caffeine to help them through the day.

The next time you go to make a hot drink, make sure you only put as much water in as you need. Your kettle uses more electricity than you might think, so this is a way of lessening the blow.

3. Put your washing machine on a timer

Using your high-energy appliances outside of periods of peak demand has its benefits, so if your washing machine comes with a timer function, ensure you use it.

Perhaps set the washer so it'll be done when you get in from work. This means less time wasted waiting for it to finish - and you'll be able to get it put away much quicker as well!

4. Wash your hair the night before

If you often find yourself washing your hair in the morning, the likelihood is you'll need to use the hairdryer to get it dry in time.

Think about washing it the night before and letting it dry naturally. A hairdryer uses a lot of energy, so you should see the impact on your bills in the long term.

5. Get food out of the freezer

Are you cooking a meal in the evening but are not quite sure what you're going to have? Thinking ahead means you can take items out of the freezer and let them thaw.

This eliminates the need to put food in the microwave, which can be especially expensive to run. Be sure to thaw out your food in the fridge - especially when it comes to meat - as this is the safest way to do it.

Posted by Jeremy Elliott