3G phone customers don't read their contract

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A survey by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has found that 3G customers are at risk of receiving unexpected billing charges as they are not likely to read their contract.

Less than two per cent of 3G bill-payers read the entire contract and only 50 per cent read half the document.

Reasons cited for ignoring the fine print were largely due to complex language inherent in the document, with many simply not understanding it and tuning out as a result.

The survey also found low levels of consumer awareness when it came to charging arrangements and the penalties for exceeding a cap.

Overall, around 50 per cent of 3G bill payers said they had little-to-no understanding of data charging arrangements that would come into effect with an overuse of internet browsing and email.

44 per cent of prepaid bill-payers reported running out of credit ahead of schedule and those who received higher than expected bills for cap plans claimed to have incomplete personal knowledge about rates.

Customers who receive higher bills than they can afford may be able to switch to the best mobile plan for their typical usage by contacting a switching service.