3 creative ways to save money in the kitchen

Cooking can churn through a lot of power, but luckily there are a few quirky ways you can lower those electricity and gas prices while still whipping up a great summer menu.

Vacuum your fridge

If you make sure your fridge coils are vacuumed around twice a year the compressors will run more efficiently.

The coils are usually found at the back of or underneath your fridge and their function is to cool down the compartments of the appliance, which makes the rest of the fridge cold.

When they get dusty or dirty they are not able to do their job as  effectively, meaning more energy must be used to cool down your fridge.

Make sure you have switched the power off your fridge before you attempt to clean behind it as this can be dangerous.

Check the owner's manual if you are not sure where the coils are or if you need to remove a panel to reach them, and use a vacuum attachment with a long thin nozzle to get to the hard to reach places.

Once you're finished vacuuming the coils themselves, make sure you clean underneath them as the dirt may have been knocked off on to the ground.

Put a lid on it

Cooking on the stovetop can use a lot of power or electricity, but putting a lid on your pots and pans can make your food cook more quickly so you use less energy.

You may also be able to cook some foods using less water. Some forms of pasta, for example, can be cooked by sitting them in a bowl of boiling water.

Don't overfill the kettle

Many people overestimate how much water they require when they put the kettle on for a refreshing cuppa - overfilling the jug can make your electricity prices soar.

In the UK, the amount of money going down the drain from over filled kettles is estimated at £68m a year.

A report from the British Energy Saving Trust Foundation found the majority of people boil the kettle at least once a day and 40 per cent boil it at least five times a day.

Around three quarters of the 86,000 households surveyed boil more water than they require.

Most modern kettles can boil a minimum amount which is enough for a mug of hot water, so make sure you only heat what you need so you can save on electricity prices.