2012-13 Queensland budget will lower cost of living, Treasurer claims

Queensland treasurer Tim Nicholls has promised that the 2012-13 state budget will help bring down the cost of living and decrease electricity prices in the state.

"This Budget will ensure Queenslanders, no matter where they live, benefit through better, more efficient services; a lower cost of living and strong economic management," said Mr Nicholls in a statement earlier today.

"The Newman government has delivered on all of its commitments to reduce the cost of living including freezing car [registration] and electricity bills."

The Queensland government has predicted that the freezing of tariff 11 will save families in the state $120 per annum on their average electricity bill.

Queensland residents who are still concerned about the rising cost of electricity might also consider evaluating their electricity supplier in order to determine if a better option is available.

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Other major announcements included in the latest Queensland budget included a goal of returning to an operating surplus in 2013-14 and dedicating $1.3 billion towards constructing, expanding and redeveloping hospitals across the state.

Posted by Charlie Moore