Comparing gas and electricity prices is made even easier now with Make it Cheaper.

With hundreds of tariffs, plans, contracts and discount structures, finding a better energy deal can be tricky. However with Make It Cheaper’s expert service, consumers can now make a better, more informed decision and can be confident that they are getting a great deal.

We provide you peace of mind knowing you have chosen the best gas and/or electricity supplier from our panel at the best price. The end result – more of your hard earned money back in your pocket.

Gas and electricity bundled rates

Customers often forget about their gas costs when switching electricity suppliers. There are often deals available for customers to bundle their gas and electricity together. However, with some suppliers offering attractive gas ‘discount sweeteners’ to customers, and passing through a higher electricity cost, it’s important to compare prices and let us negotiate the best deal for you from those available in our panel of energy retailers for your households needs.

How do I compare energy prices?

Bundling your gas and electricity together is easy, but it’s important to make sure you compare the prices you have accurately, and ensure you find a cheaper deal. All you need is your postcode and a copy of your most recent gas and electricity bill(s). We can then quickly and simply carry out an energy comparison and let you know how much you can save.

Understanding how much you will save

We make it easy for you to understand exactly how much you will stand to save by switching your energy retailer.

We will compare all the energy prices you have on your bills, and walk you through the savings by rate, as well as the bottom line saving on your residential electricity and gas bill. Energy bills are often split into various component charges such as supply charges, usage rates and different time of day (peak/off-peak) pricing. Different retailers will also apply various