Moving home is one of the most stressful times – relocating your entire life to somewhere new. That’s why we aim to take one less worry off your plate by making sure you get connected to the right energy retailer – and easily.

It’s not always just about cost. It’s making sure you don’t sign up to a new deal with the wrong contractual terms, whilst ensuring you receive cheap rates on your final bill.

Your new energy connections come down to timings, and not leaving it too late. Whilst some retailers might be able to help you within 24hrs, others cannot. We ensure you have the choice in who to switch to and get you thinking about planning your electricity and gas connection in advance of moving in.

Before opting for the local energy retailer and being locked into an uncompetitive contract, make sure you speak to Make It Cheaper, the experts at comparing suppliers who offer gas and electricity bundle deals. Our Savings Experts will find you the best deal from those available to us for you from our network of energy retailers for your new home.

Get your move on

The good news is that moving home is actually the perfect time to re-assess your current electricity and gas plan and find a better deal for your new place. The trick is starting early, so you can choose the right energy plan, and time your upcoming disconnection and reconnection so they take place on the right days.

Connect your new home’s gas and electricity

When you’re ready to switch, Make It Cheaper will organise the changeover process so you have one less thing to do on moving day. This means we take care of all the paperwork, plus we’ll contact your current and new supplier to inform them of the changeover and organise final meter readings. Our team will keep you updated along the way so you can track the switching process. And most importantly, we’ll do everything we can to make sure your electricity connections are timed to match your moving dates.

Moving tips

  • Start early. Give yourself a good six to eight weeks before moving day to plan your gas and electricity reconnection.
  • Do your research. Make It Cheaper will help you compare plans and prices so you find the best energy deal possible
  • Get connected quickly and easily. We’ll do the paperwork and organise the gas and electricity changeover so all you have to do is move in. Easy!
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