Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay Make It Cheaper?

No, we are a free service for customers.

Will my gas or electricity supply change?

No, the company that physically supplies your gas or electricity will not change, they are known as the distributor and they look after the maintenance and reliability of the electricity. Only your retailer will be changed, these are the people that send you your bill.

If there is a fault will it be handled differently if I change?

No, all faults are treated equal and are handled by the distributor who is not the one that bills you.

Do I have to have a contract?

Yes, typically there are two types of energy contracts available: standing contracts and market retail contracts

What is a standing contract?

Standing contracts are electricity and gas contracts with terms and conditions prescribed by law. The incumbent retailer in your region is obliged to provide you with a standing contract if gas or electricity can be supplied to your property.

What is a market retail contract?

These are contracts that include minimum terms and conditions prescribed by law. Market retail contracts typically vary from standing offer contracts, for example some market retail contracts offer: No exit penalties (so although you're in a contract you are fee to leave when you feel like it), discounted prices, different payment options, fixed term duration's, different billing periods etc

Why should I use Make It Cheaper?

Make It Cheaper is a completely free service. By using us, you will get a thorough comparison on deals available to us from our network of suppliers to find the right deal for your needs and preferences without it costing you a single cent.

Where are you Located?

Make It Cheaper’s Head Office is located on Level 5, 100 William Street, Sydney.

Why is my retailer not offering me these deals?

Most retailers are happy to offer you a discount but will rarely actively promote them or call their existing customers to offer them cheaper electricity.

How does Make It Cheaper make money?

Make It Cheaper receives an introductory fee from the retailer that wins the customer. This could mean a new retailer or if we keep you with your existing retailer on a better deal.

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