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What is DO IT FOR YOU (DiFY)?

At Make It Cheaper, we’re dedicated to being the energy experts for the customers we work with.

That's why we’re always innovating to make our customers lives easier. If you thought you were already getting the best deal on your energy by speaking to us every 2 years, we’ve now got an even easier energy solution for you!

Introducing DiFY – our Do It For You solution. It removes the hassle of speaking to us at the end of every contract, giving you more time to do the things you love.

DiFY, The Simpler Way To Make It Cheaper!

How does ourDiFYservice work?
How works 1
Step 1
Select your criteria
When you sign up for DIFY, you can choose what matters to you the most; greatest savings, specific retailers, pay on time discounts or a high solar feed-in tariff as an example.
How works 2
Step 2
Choose offer
2 months before your energy contract is due to expire, you'll receive an email from us with a primary and alternative offer based on your preferences.
If you like the primary offer, you don't need to do a thing, we will activate it automatically.
If you'd like the alternative or neither, then simply let us know, and we'll come back to you with other offers.
How works 3
Step 3
Enjoy your savings
Once we’ve activated your offer, you can start enjoying the best energy rate at the time for you.
When it comes to renewing your energy contract, let us Do It For You so you never have to waste another second of your time on energy.
We've helped Aussie Businesses and Homes save over$18 millionsince January 2016*
Benefits for You
  • Save Money - Forever
  • Automated, electronic process
  • Decreases operational costs
  • Hassle-free solution