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✔ Dedicated account management

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✔ Ongoing bill validation


Why choose MiC Energy Brokers?

We work with Australia’s leading retailers to find you a competitive deal  for your business.


How does it work?

Our team are experts in network tariffs, multi-meter and multi-site energy procurement. When you choose MiC Energy Brokers you’ll get a dedicated MiC Account Manager who will:


 Your Account Manager will consult our panel of leading Aussie retailers to get you the most competitive deal. Our tendering process is free and you are under no obligation to take up any of the offers we provide you. 


You’ll receive a full breakdown of every offer so you can see exactly what you would pay – and what you would receive – with each energy supplier.  When you’re ready to proceed we will arrange all the paperwork to secure your deal. 


As part of our ongoing service MiC Energy Brokers will keep you updated on market trends provide bill validation and assist with EDI Files, Network Tariff and Demand Analysis. We will also look for energy reduction  and account  consolidation opportunities.

Taphouse Group saved $140K on their energy bills

By talking to a MiC Energy Broker, Taphouse Group saved an estimated $140,000 a year on their energy costs across 12 sites in Port Macquarie, including the Sails Port Macquarie by Rydges.

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Our Services

Whether you are a small, large, commercial or multi-site business, we have dedicated teams to suit all your energy needs.

Small Business Energy

We understand that small businesses have better things to do than comparing their energy plans. Let us help you put more money on your bottom line by switching your business to a cheaper electricity or gas deal. We'll make it easy to compare prices and save.

Large, Commercial & Multi-Site Energy

If you're a larger business we also have a specialised Commercial and Industrial energy broker team to find the right solution for your needs. Our MiC Energy Brokers are experts in network tariffs, multi-meter and multi-site energy procurement. 

Business Loans

Our lending experts can find you the right loan in minutes. We’ll then do all the work getting your application submitted and leverage our market position with lenders to advocate for you. Whether you’re looking to expand, purchase a new asset or boost cash flow.

Sustainability Options

Whether through carbon off-setting, renewable energy sources, or tailored sustainability solutions to match your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals, we can help you understand and compare your options to reduce your environmental impact.