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Not many companies explore their options for the best business electricity rates from different commercial electric companies. Electrical service is a low priority in many organisations; they pay little to no attention to their electricity cost and simply treat it as a fixed monthly expense. By not reviewing their business energy consumption bill, businesses are missing out on the opportunity to get the cheapest electricity. A business electricity price comparison is a must to ensure that your company chooses the optimal option among the many commercial electric companies to choose from.

MiC Energy Brokers makes comparing business electricity rates among various business electricity plans hassle-free and efficient for you. Because we work with leading business electricity providers, we can easily find you a competitive deal for electricity for commercial property. Our team will take your electrical requirements and budget to source effective solutions from the right electrical company that can provide you with business energy plans that address what you need.

When searching for the best electricians for an electrician commercial service or an electrical contractor in Australia, first, you should know what a corporate electrician from commercial electric companies can do for your business as well as the factors that affect energy rates in industrial or commercial spaces. Read on to find the best way to lower your business electricity consumption.

What do commercial electric companies do?

Commercial electric companies produce electricity for business use. These providers are also responsible for distributing the energy to their consumers in a safe and reliable way. While electricity companies provide electricity for both home and commercial use, commercial electric companies specifically cater to the huge electrical demand that businesses need daily to support their operations.

Because switching to a new electrical company is a hassle to do, many businesses settle for their current providers even if they don’t offer the lowest rates in their location. With MiC Energy Brokers, you don’t have to settle for less. Not only will we help you find the most competitive deal, electricity-wise, but we will also switch you from your old to your new provider. We work with top reputable commercial electric companies that enable us to compare deals for your business most effectively.

What are the factors that influence commercial electricity rates?

Electricity cost is a fixed expense under the utility account of any business, but the prices fluctuate month to month because of the many factors that affect it such as the following:

Supply availability
The prices of energy made from nuclear, coal, gas, oil, and other renewable sources are directly affected when these resources experience a surplus or a shortage. When there is a lack of availability of coal, for example, commercial electricity rates may rise due to the imbalance between supply and demand.

Fuel price changes
Fuel is one of the primary sources needed to run electrical power plants of all sorts. When fuel price increases, the operation expense of running such power plants also increases, hence resulting in a higher electricity price.

Demand increase
Peak seasons in energy consumption, possibly due to extreme weather conditions or increased use in business production, cause an increase in electricity demand. Because more expensive generation sources are needed to keep up with the demand, electricity prices also increase.

MiC Energy Brokers consider all these factors when offering you a business energy plan. With our ongoing service of monitoring accounts, we can also provide you with insights as to what factors caused the fluctuations in your energy bill every month.

What is the best way to reduce commercial electricity costs?

The first step to lowering your business electricity costs is to run business operations relying on electricity efficiently. However, it would be hard to do that if you don’t review your electricity bills to find out which areas incur the most costs in your bill. MiC Energy Brokers can review your bill for free to identify the specific electrical needs of your business and match you with an electrical company that suits your needs and can provide you with the cheapest deals at the same time.

Our team of professional MiC Energy Brokers compares prices from different commercial electric companies on multiple levels to provide you with a detailed breakdown of what you will pay and expect to receive from every supplier.

It will only take you a few minutes to request a free review from us and switch to a better commercial electricity provider. Your account manager will consult our panel of reputable retailers in Australia and get a competitive deal for your business electricity needs. Don’t worry, our tendering process is obligation-free meaning you are not obliged to take on any deal we present you that you are unhappy with. Once you confirm an energy plan we offer you, we will do all the paperwork to secure you a deal.

We will also do the legwork of notifying your old supplier and get you on board with your new supplier seamlessly. Besides that, we provide an ongoing bill validation service to help you keep updated on market trends and look for energy reduction and account consolidation opportunities that can help you grow your business.

Don’t waste time and money choosing from different commercial electric companies yourself when MiC Energy Brokers can do that for you effectively and quickly. Speak to a MiC Energy Broker today via phone call or by filling out the form on our website.

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