Police Association of NSW members

Make It Cheaper have recently gone into a trial with the Police Association of New South Wales to provide an added value for their members. We have found it to be a great experience working with such a highly respected organization in the community, who just like all of us, are looking to reduce their household and business costs where they can.

Here is what the wife of a regional member had to say when she used our service:

“I had received an email from the Police Association of NSW to look at reducing my power bill and I thought this would be a good idea as the cost of everything is going up these days. The process was very easy, I had an option to call, request a call or send in my bill, I chose to send in my bill for analysis.

I received an email back shortly with the best options and organized a time in which one of their savings experts could call me and run through the offers available. I spoke with savings expert Patrick, who was very helpful and I was very happy with his customer service and overall handling of the situation. I would recommend this service to all Police Association of NSW members, they have nothing to lose and they can just make it cheaper for themselves.”

Well done to Patrick and the partnership team, another great story of how Make It Cheaper can help members of our community cut their costs.

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