As a recurrent expense, your energy costs can add up fast. In deregulated regions with many providers, you can reduce your energy expenses. You only need to switch to a cheaper provider.

Often, this starts with comparing rates between different providers. Once you identify a cheaper provider, you can start the paperwork. You need to cancel with your current supplier and sign a new contract to secure these rates.

How Does Comparing Electricity Plans Help Your Business?

Comparing electricity plans can find you a competitive provider in your state or territory. If you do it alone, this is not a straight forward process. To compare energy plans, you must understand what goes into your bill.

Who Is the Cheapest Electricity Provider in Australia?

There is no specific answer to this question. Every supplier will base their charges on several components.

Finding the cheapest suppliers will require actual calculations. You need to compare each component against other energy providers. You then calculate the totals to find the cheapest rate including if there are discounts and the time of day you use most of your energy.

While looking to save on your energy usage, you need to look beyond the headline discounts. The actual tariff rates might differ. A huge discount or welcome credits rarely translates to the largest long term energy savings for your business.

The quickest way to find savings with a free comprehensive comparison, is by providing Make it Cheaper with a recent bill so they can give you an accurate assessment of the offers in market.

Understanding Energy Comparison: Electricity Plans, Tariffs and Discounts

In Australia, your business energy plan will fall in a regulated or deregulated market. Typically if you are a business in a deregulated market you can switch between suppliers to enjoy better rates.

Deregulated states and territories include:

  • New South Wales
  • South Australia
  • Victoria
  • Australian Capital Territory
  • South East Queensland (Including Ipswich, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast)

In regulated regions, you have fewer choices for market comparison. Most of the rates fall under government regulation.

If you are in a deregulated region, you need to compare energy plans from different providers. Make it Cheaper does the comparison for you for free. But first, it is helpful you need to understand what determines the rates you pay.

Understanding Tariffs and Discounts from Energy Providers

The amount you pay in your energy plan comes from a variable usage charge and a fixed daily supply charge. The structure of the variable usage charge will vary based on your business energy plan:

  • Single rate SME electricity tariffs – This is a standard kWh rate. It stays the same at all times throughout the year.
  • Time of use SME electricity tariffs – Here, different kWh rates apply. The rate will change depending on the time of day you consume energy. There are different rates for ‘peak’ and ‘off-peak’ hours. You’ll also have ‘shoulder rates’ for hours between the peak and off-peak times. The definitions of these times will vary by provider.
  • Controlled load tariffs – This is a special tariff for metered appliances. It applies to appliances that only run at off-peak hours such as an electric hot water heater.

Understanding these tariffs and the impact they will have on your electricity and gas bills will save you money.

You should audit and identify business patterns and energy consumption habits. This will help you determine the best energy provider for you in your region.

In addition to tariffs, you can also take advantage of discounts.  You will find varied discounts from different energy providers.

Most energy companies offer two major types of discount plans: 

  • Conditional discounts – You can only enjoy these discounts if you meet certain conditions. A simple example is ‘the pay on time discount’. You will only enjoy this discount if you make all your payments on time.
  • Guaranteed discounts – These apply automatically throughout the contract term. They do not depend on a special set of conditions. Remember once your contract term expires often your discounts can too- so it is important to get an energy comparison when ever your contract expires.

These discounts will vary by retailer. Nonetheless, you can use them to maximise on your energy savings.

Saving on Electricity: Compare Different Plans and Make the Switch

While running a business in Australia, your electricity and gas bills can add up fast. Make it Cheaper can help you compare electricity plans and switch freely between different providers.

Benefits of Switching Your Electricity Plan

You will enjoy several benefits, such as:

Reducing Your Energy Bills

“We have used Make It Cheaper for several years now, with great results. Each time we have received great service and achieved excellent savings. Most recently Lucy Block worked with the retailer to reset our demand charges, reducing our fixed charges by over $150K – a fantastic result! Would definitely recommend Lucy and the team at Make It Cheaper!”

Most Australian businesses pay more than they have to on their electricity, gas and utility plans.

Your energy-saving plan begins with:

  • Understanding your energy usage and what goes into your plan.
  • Comparing plans from different energy companies.
  • Using the information to switch to the provider with the cheapest plan.

Discovering Eco-Friendly Options

Some electricity/gas companies now offer renewable and sustainable energy options. There are more energy companies using wind, hydro, solar and biomass. These renewable sources benefit the environment. 

While switching, you can ask for a cleaner and greener energy provider, often these are more expensive than other plans, however you can ask your energy expert for their advice.

Eco-friendly plans helps improve your sustainability practices. You can even use this information to appeal to the environmentally-conscious customer. 

Bundling Up Services

The energy plans comparison process will often combine your gas and electricity bills. By combining the two, you can use the information to streamline your consumption. mMake It Cheaper will use information from your business to create a custom bundle deal. This plan will offer you big savings on your energy bills. It will also give you access to heavily discounted bundle rates.

Improving Your Service

While making the switch, you can choose:

  • A competitive service provider
  • An energy company with better customer service

If you are not happy with your service provider, consider making the switch today. You can weigh available information to find the energy provider with the best service for you. 

The Cost of Switching

It is easy for your business to compare and switch their electricity and gas providers by using a free energy comparison service like Make it Cheaper. While comparing your energy plans, you only need a recent electricity and or gas bill.

You can upload the bill to Make it Cheaper and start the energy comparison process.

At Make It Cheaper we use the actual readings on your bill and compare them to different energy providers. We will then recommend the best and cheapest energy provider available on our panel.

If you choose to make the switch, we will take charge of the entire process. We will handle all the paperwork and calls from the energy company. The best part is, this service is free. This saves you time and money.

Finding a Better Electricity Deal for Your Business

Your bottom line will appreciate the cost-saving benefits of comparing energy plans and switching to a cheaper provider.

Make It Cheaper makes it easy for you to switch by providing you with all the information you need to make a decision.

Our team of energy savings experts will help you:

  • Assess your bill to understand your current energy plan. 
  • Compare different energy retailers to find a competitive plan for you.
  • Make a recommendation to help you make a decision.
  • Handle all the calls and paperwork from the energy retailers needed to make the switch.

If your business is ready to enjoy energy savings, contact Make It Cheaper today. You can call us at 1300-957-721 or contact us online now for free.

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