New Electricity Connections

Whether you’re starting a new business, moving offices, or changing from your existing supplier, we understand that your electricity needs are unique.

That’s why our team of savings experts are committed to finding a competitive electricity plan that meets every one of your business requirements, plus saves you some serious dollars.

Here to help

In the upheaval of moving offices or shop premises, picking a better electricity supplier for your new connection is crucial. The challenge is finding the time and the patience to negotiate the right plan.

As Australia’s leading Saving Service, we’re here to do the groundwork for you. Contact our savings team and we’ll review your current electricity costs. We’ll then search our network of electricity suppliers to find what electricity and gas prices are available to you for your state and region. All up the process takes just a few minutes and could save hundreds of dollars on your business’ annual electricity bills.

Customised solutions

Since Make It Cheaper caters to the needs of a huge range of industries around the country, we can call on extensive networks and retailers to get a deal you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Our team will take the time to find out your exact requirements and budget so they can secure a competitive deal that works hard for your business.

Your new connection

Not sure if your electricity supply is off or needs reactivating? Can’t remember your meter number or whether it’s connected to the premises? You don’t need to; our electricity savings experts will guide you through the switching process and take care of all the complicated paperwork and re-connections.

We’ll contact your new supplier and inform them of the change. We’ll also be there to resolve any issues that may occur as part of the transfer process. No hassle, no worries, and completely free of charge.

24-hour turnaround

Businesses don’t stop when the meter does, so why should you wait around for a lengthy re-connection? If your business needs an urgent connection, call us so you won’t be left in the dark.