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You can avoid surprises in your new business electric rates and bills by knowing what to watch out for when comparing electricity rates in business. Prices often change depending on many factors that affect the market and the electricity source, so conducting a comprehensive audit of electricity rates is necessary to lock in a great deal for your business. 

Evaluate the way you use energy and achieve financial gains. As electricity is one of the overheads of any business, Make it Cheaper is here to show you how easy it is to compare and find a better deal for your business. We have partnered with trusted business electricity suppliers to help you find a competitive deal on electricity or gas for your business so you can easily cut electricity costs while continuously gaining revenue. 

What to look for when comparing business electricity rates?

If you would like to avoid the pitfalls when comparing the electricity rates, Make it Cheaper has essential tips for you, so you’ll surely be on the right track. Take a look at our suggestions below and make sure to include them on your list: 

Consider your energy usage

In most cases, you’ll be on a single rate tariff, which means you’ll pay the same rate no matter when you use energy. You can benefit from this if you use the bulk of your energy during peak times, such as weeknights. A time-of-use tariff requires you to adopt an energy-efficient approach. For example, you can save a significant amount by shifting energy-intensive operations to times when rates are low.

Consider contract terms

There are many short-term electricity plans offered by business electricity providers with attractive incentives. In some cases, the contract will include a discount over its term, but it’s also important to check if the discount incentive covers the whole bill or just the electricity usage portion. Also, it’s possible that some retailers may apply early termination charges and may not honour discounts on your last bill if you decide to switch. 

Understand the pay on-time conditions

If you are trying to cut costs for your business energy usage from your energy retailers, you can compare business electricity plans with discounts for making on-time payments. Businesses enjoy different electricity rates depending on a number of factors, and some suppliers offer great discounts for on-time payments.

Explore green options

As business electricity providers pursue more energy-efficient plans, they are participating in environmental stewardship. In a country abundant with sunshine, businesses in Australia can even take advantage of solar incentives such as feed-in tariffs (FiTs), which give customers a small credit rebate if surplus solar power is sold back to the grid. With this, your business can contribute to reducing your carbon footprint and supporting clean energy in the long run.

To help you find good value deals for switching to green energy, Make it Cheaper can help you make a business electricity plan comparison faster than you might think. Our team of experts understands the electricity rates business energy retailers provide to small businesses, so your time, money, and efforts will not be wasted if you partner with us. 

Why are business electricity rates cheaper than domestic rates?

Business energy providers typically offer cheaper electricity for business use, whether for large or small businesses, than for domestic use. Offering a lower price per unit to economies of scale is a good strategy for suppliers since they can sell higher volumes of energy to businesses that consume more than the average household. However, note that many factors affect pricing for business energy customers, such as the state they’re located in, the business type, and the length of the contract.


At Make it Cheaper, we can help you find the most competitive rates for small business electricity. We are partners with Australia’s leading electricity providers for business, so your choices for small business electricity rates are guaranteed legitimate and affordable. 

Can businesses reclaim GST on electric bills?

The GST, or goods and services tax, is a value-added tax (VAT) applied at each level in the manufacturing and marketing chain and applied to goods and services in Australia. Registered suppliers are getting credits on GST on inputs acquired to make taxable supplies. 

Amendments made to the A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 states that the electricity supply be made GST-free while the supply of equipment for the generation or storage of electricity is not GST-free. Thus, businesses cannot reclaim GST on electricity bills. 

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