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Many commercial electricity companies can supply electricity for businesses, but not many organisations realise that they don’t have to settle with their current business electricity plan if it is no longer efficient for them. Most businesses pay their electricity costs little to no mind because they are often hidden in their utility bills along with other charges the organisation has to pay. This prevents them from realising their full potential for revenue as they are hindered by the business electricity rates of their current provider. If you own or manage a business, compare electricity business prices from now on to see if you are really getting the best deals in the business energy market today. 

Make it Cheaper Energy Experts can compare business electricity plans for SMEs from different business electricity providers on your behalf to the last detail to provide you with the best deal for electricity for businesses. Our team works with a network of leading business electricity suppliers so we can find you deals that suit your requirements fast. For larger organisations, our MiC Energy Brokers can help you run through the tender process, so regardless of your business size, you can trust us to help you choose among the top business energy suppliers in your location. 

What kind of impact would electricity costs have on your business?

When there is an increase in operating expenses, most businesses look to cut costs in areas such as material acquisition, marketing or advertising, and production processes – electricity for businesses is often a low priority in cost-cutting. However, electricity costs might be affecting your businesses more than you think. 

Electricity costs take up a big chunk of your monthly expenses, so if you don’t optimise it, you will keep spending excess amounts every month, which could hinder business growth. Especially, if you are an SME with little financial flexibility or a business using variable business electricity tariffs, fluctuations in costs of electricity for businesses can really affect your business scalability without you even realising it. 

Make it Cheaper Energy Experts can review your business electricity bill for free to determine just how better you can do if you are with the right electricity for businesses provider. We will take the trouble of finding reputable commercial electricity companies for you and compare their rates according to your needs to offer you the most competitive deal out of all of them. If you are not locked in to a contract, we will help you switch from your old provider to your new retailer as well. 

How can your business save on electricity costs?

Small cost-cutting initiatives such as programming your thermostat and scheduling light-on hours can add up to some decent savings on your electricity bill. But to truly enjoy major savings monthly, choose an electricity for businesses provider that can offer you affordable business electricity prices without compromising the quality of service you get. By switching to a better supplier, you can save costs without sacrificing your business operations or risking your employee satisfaction. 

MiC Energy Brokers will not dictate to you which deal is best for you. If you are a large organisation, we will carefully prepare a comprehensive breakdown of the deals from every supplier so you will know exactly what you are paying for and by how much. We also provide ongoing services for monitoring your accounts and validating your monthly electricity bill to stay updated on the latest market trends. Our service-minded team will also assist you with your EDI files, network tariff, and demand analysis. 

How long would it take to shift to a cheaper electricity provider?

If you’re an SME and have been planning to switch to a new provider for electricity for businesses, you can do so quickly. However, you should do your homework – research new providers, compare prices and plans, and read reviews before making a decision, among others. It’s always best to be as informed as possible before signing a new contract.

Make it Cheaper Energy Experts facilitate faster energy provider switching for SMEs as we do the legwork for you in notifying your old supplier of your plans and onboarding you to your new provider as well. The first step to moving your small to medium business under a better energy provider is to decide on what energy plan is best for your business. You can request a free bill review from us easily over the phone using your latest bill. Our friendly team will ask for your recent electricity bill and help you switch on the spot. 

As for large organisations, our MiC Energy Brokers team will go through the process with you. Since electricity plans for big businesses are more complex and are typically locked in to contracts, the involvement of your account manager is necessary. Your account manager will consult our Australian retailer panel to get a competitive deal that suits your business best, and together we will run through a tendering process, and we won’t oblige you to take on any offer presented to you – you can make a decision when you’re ready. 

For larger businesses on fixed term contract we can also provide ongoing bill validation services for you to make sure that you pay the correct amount for your electricity bill every period. We can also help you identify areas in your business with the highest power usage so you can make strategic data-backed decisions that will set your business up for growth.
Let Make it Cheaper Energy Experts for SMEs and MiC Energy Brokers for large businesses help you get a competitive business electricity deal to start saving money.
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