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Maximise revenue by reducing your business electricity costs most efficiently. Electricity for businesses is one of the biggest contributors to the fixed costs of a business regardless of what industry they are in. Some business electricity providers charge absurd rates, and if you don’t review your electricity bills, you are likely to keep paying high prices when there are better business energy plans you can go for. 

Make it Cheaper can help you compare electricity for business use across different electricity providers and switch to the most competitive one for you seamlessly. Because we have partnered with leading energy retailers, we are able to conduct a competitive business electricity price comparison for every business electricity provider on your behalf to help you save valuable money and time. 

Not many businesses realise just how big of a chunk business electricity takes up on their monthly utility bills, so they continue to operate at levels that are not optimised to their full potential. Comparing rates of electricity is time-consuming and overwhelming especially if you don’t have a background in such technicalities. To make a strategic decision for your business, electricity-wise, you should learn about the factors that affect electricity prices, the importance of reviewing your electricity bills, and ways to lower your electricity expense.

What factors affect business electricity prices?

Business electricity rates fluctuate due to several factors, and the top factors that affect them include the following: 

Electricity demand

During peak seasons when companies need to meet more consumer demands, their demand for electricity might increase as well. The increased demand for electricity results in more expensive generation sources, hence increasing the electricity rates for small business and other business sizes altogether. 

Weather conditions 

Weather changes also influence the changes in electricity prices. In hot summers, for example, businesses may increase their demand for cooling to keep their products in good condition or ensure that their manufacturing processes are running at optimal levels. 

Fuel costs

Disruptions and constraints in fuel supply, especially for natural gas and petroleum fuels, can cause an increase in fuel costs. Since fuel is a vital resource for running most power plants, the cost of electricity increases along with it. 

At Make it Cheaper, you can work with our team of Energy Brokers and Energy Experts who will take all these considerations and more when helping you find a competitive deal for your business electricity needs. As we have a trusted panel of retailers, we can do a full comparison of all the deals available to you from different providers. For larger organisations, we also provide an ongoing bill validation service that will help you identify the factors that affect the changes in your electricity bill from month to month. 

Why is it important to review your business’s electricity bills? 

Many businesses overlook the costs incurred by their business electricity consumption as it is typically hidden under the utility bills account. Little do they know that by not reviewing their electricity bills, they could be paying more than what they owe to electricity providers or are running their operations inefficiently. 

The key importance of reviewing your electricity bills is that you can save money and increase business revenue by being able to make more cost-efficient options for your business based on the insights you got from reviewing your bill. Once you identify energy inefficiency problems in specific areas of your business, you will open up more energy-saving opportunities you can take to maximise the potential of your business to run on lean operations. 

If you’re a larger organisation, Make it Cheaper can even help you identify such inefficiencies in electricity consumption by validating and auditing your electricity bills. 

How to effectively lower your business’s electricity expenses?

Some businesses try to lower their electricity costs by limiting their usage of lights and setting their air conditioning systems on low, but these efforts may have little to no effect because an effective approach to lowering electricity expenses should be a comprehensive one. 

Make it Cheaper reviews your unique business electricity situation and finds cost-effective solutions based on your requirements and goals from our reputable business electricity suppliers. You can get a review for free as well, and all it takes is a few minutes. Simply follow our three-step process: 

  1. Reach out to Make it Cheaper via phone or by filling out the form on our website for a free consultation with one of our Energy Experts.
  2. Within a few minutes, we will get back to you with various business electricity plans to suit your business needs. You have no obligation to switch after we have presented options for you, but once you confirm to continue with a deal, we will prepare the necessary paperwork to secure it.
  3. If you’re a larger organisation, we will continuously monitor your account to keep you updated on market trends and assist you with EDI files, network tariffs, and demand analysis. 

Effectively managing your business electricity expense is that easy and hassle-free with Make it Cheaper. Not only will we help you find the most competitive business energy plan to set your business up for scale, but we will also help you switch to the new plan quickly. We will do the legwork of notifying your old supplier and onboarding you on your new partner so you can start saving money right away. 

Trust Make it Cheaper to find you affordable energy reduction opportunities to facilitate better cash flow and revenue in your company. Get a free quote for your business electricity today! 

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