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Business electricity rates are calculated based on either a fixed- or a variable-rate tariff and will be based on a unit rate per kWh. Typically, business electricity rates or business electricity prices are lower than domestic ones as suppliers are able to sell higher volumes of energy to businesses as they generally consume more than the average household. 

When choosing business electricity providers based on business electricity rates, remember that you have the freedom to choose different providers for your business energy needs like electricity and gas. We can make that happen here at Make it Cheaper. Here, we have a dedicated team of experts who will help you compare business energy plans and choose better rates. We also offer a free energy review for small businesses that are not locked into a contract so you can assess your electricity needs beforehand. 

What is the GST rate on business electricity bills?

In Australia, the standard tax rate is a goods and services tax (GST) of 10%. This rate applies to most goods and services except for most basic foods, some education courses, and some medical and healthcare services. 

If you have been searching for ways to reduce your business electricity bills, Make it Cheaper can help. We offer a price comparison service that helps businesses compare, switch, and save on their electricity bills. We partner with today’s leading providers of electricity for businesses so we can offer you competitively priced deals that fit your budget and energy needs.

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Why do energy tariff costs differ per region?

Below are the several key factors that explain why energy tariffs or business electricity rates differ per region:

Power plant costs 

Business electricity rates are affected by power plant costs that include construction, maintenance, and other operating expenses. These costs vary by region due to the availability of resources.

Transmission and distribution system

Regions differ in population density, geography, and the amount of infrastructure required to service an area. These differences impact the cost of maintaining and upgrading the electricity grid. As a result, these costs will be equally distributed to the customers’ business electric rates.

Weather conditions

Different regions have different weather patterns, which affect how much energy is needed to heat or cool homes. If a region experiences more extreme weather conditions, this will result in higher energy demand and higher business electricity rates.

If you’re looking for an easy way to compare energy tariffs in the market, take advantage of Make it Cheaper’s services. At Make it Cheaper, we remove the time-consuming process of comparing electricity rates for small business by offering you a free energy review so we can match your details with competitive options that fit your business needs. 

What to look for when comparing business electricity rates?

To successfully compare electricity for business, here are the important things you can consider:

Review the fine print

In some cases, there are energy providers that will start with a  special business energy rate only to raise that rate significantly in the future. That’s why it’s very important that you review the fine print. Make sure you have in writing how long your rate will last before accepting an offer. Energy suppliers who can make this readily available and clear are an indication that they value their customers well. 

Check the energy source

Energy sources offer varying electricity prices for business. Therefore, it’s necessary to identify your preferred energy source first before doing the comparison. Moreover, if you want to go for green options, it will narrow down your options for energy providers with such offers. 

Choose the suitable energy plan for your business

Do you want a fixed-rate or a variable-rate plan? Rates will likely vary depending on the type of your energy plan. With a fixed-rate plan, you have a constant electricity rate during your plan term. This means that your electricity prices will not change for the duration of your contract term. On the other hand, with a variable-rate plan, your electricity prices may change depending on the market price of electricity. If you want predictable business electricity rates for your budget, the fixed-rate plan is the better choice. 

One of the keys to locking in great business electricity rates is your knowledge to compare, review, and select the right energy plan for your business. However, never set aside the importance of consulting experts in the business like Make it Cheaper. We’re here to help businesses make wiser decisions on electricity and even gas prices. By simply filling in our online form, finding a great energy deal with the right energy supplier is only a few clicks away. Get a free energy review or contact us now.

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