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To ensure you’re locking in the most competitive electricity deal in the market, you should make a business electricity price comparison before committing to a contract, whether for a fixed-rate or a variable-rate energy plan. 

With the help of Make it Cheaper’s Energy Experts, you can enjoy making a business electricity price comparison and easily find the most competitive business electricity plans for your small business. Our team reviews business electricity bills free of charge, so you can easily compare rates with our energy retailers without endlessly searching for different plans on different sites.

What is the average electricity price per kWh in Australia?

The average cost of electricity in Australia varies substantially based on your location. For instance, in the 2021 electricity price trend report of the Australian Energy Market Commission, their findings reveal that those living in the Australian Capital Territory and South Australia pay the highest electricity costs.

Remember that the amount you pay per kWh represents only a fraction of your total electricity bill. Your monthly electricity bill consists of two components: (1) a usage rate that charges according to how much electricity you use, and (2) a daily supply charge, which is a fixed fee you pay for your grid connection.

Other factors could be driving up your bills, including:

  • Tariffs. This is the electricity usage scheme you choose, and the costs vary based on what kind of power tariff you have. For example, if you have a single-rate tariff, you pay the same price for electricity regardless of what time of day you use it. If you have a time-of-use tariff, the ‘peak usage’ component of your bill will reflect the amount of energy used during peak usage times. 
  • Appliances. Appliances with higher running costs, such as plugged devices with continuous displays, can drain significant energy from your home. Switching your appliances and light bulbs to energy-efficient options and using ‘Energy Star Model’ electronics can all help reduce your average electricity bill drastically. 
  • Electricity providers. Electricity providers set their own prices for electricity and plans. It’s always wise to compare kWh costs between providers and plans, but when conditional discounts are factored in, finding the best deal can prove difficult, especially if discounts are not applied uniformly. Depending on the provider, discounts can be offered exclusively for usage fees or for both usage and supply charges.

Looking for an easy way to conduct a business electricity price comparison? Make it Cheaper is the key. We find savings for four out of five businesses in the market with our efficiency in comparing electricity prices for businesses – all so we can help you lock in the best electricity rate that fits your needs. 

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Why should I do a business electricity price comparison?

Whatever the size and industry of your small business, energy costs will always be one of the biggest overheads for Australians. Despite that, a survey report conducted by Canstar Blue revealed that while many businesses look to cut back on running costs, only a small number (26%) claimed they had made a conscious effort to use less energy. Meanwhile, only 12% of businesses have reported investing in tools to monitor and understand their energy usage. 

Whether you’re trying to reduce your business expenses or you just want to explore some changes in your small business by getting the best business electric rate possible, running a business electricity price comparison is always a wise decision to maximise business savings.

Look into a budget-certain fixed-rate plan instead of remaining on a volatile variable plan offered by your local utility

To compare electricity prices for small businesses, try to look into fixed-rate business electricity plans Variable rates could rise rapidly based on multiple factors, including the weather or geopolitical situation, significantly increasing your calculated electricity bills.

Access suppliers that provide a strong level of customer service

When making a business electricity price comparison, don’t forget to put excellent customer service on your list of considerations. While finding cheap business electricity rates is truly necessary, you should also check out the provider’s customer service record to ensure it’s up to scratch. In this way, you can be sure you won’t be left in the dark should you need assistance if anything goes wrong.

Comparing small business electricity prices of business electricity providers needs careful assessment of the factors that affect it: energy provider comparison, energy bills comparison, and specifically the electricity rates for small businesses. 

If you’re a discerning small business owner looking to conduct an energy audit, you’ve come to the right place. At Make it Cheaper, we have simplified the process as we compare business energy plans ourselves and present you with what we think is best for your small business electricity needs. 

Take advantage of our free business energy review at Make it Cheaper, where we do all the legwork on the spot so you can start saving, fast.

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