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Don’t settle for your current business electricity provider if it no longer provides you with the optimal customer service you need to run your business efficiently; there are many other business electricity plans you can go for instead. Not many companies put a lot of thought into their business energy consumption and the business electricity rates they pay monthly when trying to cut costs. They stay focused on running the front end of their businesses that they may be paying for more than what they should be if only they compared business energy plans and went with the most practical choice. The problem is that not all SMEs have the resource within their teams who can compare business electricity rates or compare business energy prices accurately. Others just simply don’t have the time to do it on their own. Compare electricity for business efficiently with the help of Make it Cheaper Energy Experts. 

Make it Cheaper Energy Experts work with a network of leading business electricity providers to help you find the most competitive business electricity fast. We can quickly draw a free comparison of ideal business electricity plans for your business complete with small business electricity prices and additional features that you can get from the provider. Our service will help you compare rates from different business energy plans so you can make the most optimal decision for your business. If you are a larger organisation with more complex business energy needs, our MiC Energy Brokers team can help you. 

Are small business plans for electricity better?

You might be thinking about why you need to compare your current energy plan with other commercial electricity companies. You should compare business electricity plans so you can identify inefficiencies in your current plan and switch to one that is more cost-efficient. Small business energy plans are better suited for SMEs because they offer the following: 

Savings on electricity bills for a small business

With a simple business electricity rates comparison, you can see how much savings you can get if you switch to a cheaper business electricity provider. These savings will add up and increase your net revenue in the long run as it lowers your average small business utility costs. Make it Cheaper Energy Experts can help you switch to a new business energy plan seamlessly on the spot to save you from the hassle. 

Discounts on electricity for businesses 

Many electricity companies for business offer guaranteed discounts when you switch to one of their business electricity plans. They may even offer to add credit to your account or lower fixed rates which you can take advantage of even for just a limited time. Make it Cheaper Energy Experts can prepare a comprehensive electricity comparison across different business electricity plans for you complete with details from price differences to exclusive discount offerings so you can explore all the pros and cons of every option. 

Better customer service 

There are lots of other business energy plans out there that can offer what your current plan can’t such as flexible payment options, account management, great electricity rates, and other features. Getting better customer service from an electricity provider can help your team manage your utilities better for smoother business operations. Make it Cheaper Energy Experts choose business electricity plans to recommend you only from reputable business electricity suppliers so you can get the best customer service possible. 

Is commercial electricity cheaper than domestic?

The short answer is yes, business electricity is generally cheaper than residential electricity. Although electricity rates fluctuate due to several factors, electricity for commercial use is generally cheaper than that of households mainly because of volume and economies of scale. Businesses get a lower per-unit price of energy because providers can sell higher volumes of energy since they generally consume more than the average household. Simply put: the bigger the business, the lower the unit rate.

Large market (>160MWh pa) and large multi site customers can negotiate and choose business electricity plans according to their needs so they can get tailored rates that may be significantly cheaper than households that are charged the same rates as the rest of their region. You can trust MiC Energy Experts to go through the negotiation process for you, both with your existing provider and with your new supplier. You can simply request a free bill review from us over the phone with your latest electricity bill and help you switch on the spot if you decide to go with one of the energy plans we offer you.

Is there a cap on business energy prices?

In 2019, the Australian Government set a price safety net – in the form of the Default Market Offer (DMO) – to set a price cap on how much electricity providers can charge consumers, including residential and small businesses in NSW, South Australia, and south-east Queensland. The price cap on business energy prices set by the DMO every year is calculated by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) based on the average energy consumption of a business in that specific region. This price cap serves as a benchmark or reference price that SMEs can use to compare different business electricity plans. 

Working with Make it Cheaper Energy Experts means you don’t have to look for the best business energy plans and compare their prices using price caps manually. Comparing deals on your own is time-consuming and inaccurate, especially if you don’t know much about the business electricity industry. Make it Cheaper Energy Experts can free your time from such tedious tasks so you can focus on growing your business instead. Not only will we source ideal suppliers that suit your unique business electricity needs, but we will also do the legwork in notifying your old supplier of your plans and onboarding you with your new provider. 

Call us today and request a free bill review! We will check your latest energy bill within minutes without requiring any obligation from your side – switch to a new provider when you are ready! 


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